About me

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


My name is Manas Ranjan  Dash and  I am a software developer by profession based in Bangalore(India). A student always and want to be life long learner, as I believe “Learning is a never ending process”. Since last 7 years I have been working on technologies like C#.NET, MSBI, SQL Server Command Scripts, UNIX and on various small and powerful tools. I have developed windows and web application and most of my experience are related to HR,Payroll and attendance management systems. I have tried my hands on Kronos tools like Work Force Central. Currently I am working as a PSE.

I am a commerce graduate and a Master in Computer Applications. A certified Quality Management Professional and hold one HNC diploma from NIIT. Also I have earned couple of certification from Brainbench & Microsoft.

When I am not thinking about software I love serving community, reading and sharing knowledge. I write for BeyondRelational and for my blog of course. I like taking technical sessions at office.

I am currently working with TESCO HSC, the technical hub for TESCO, a retail giant having presence across world. I enjoy my work everyday and try to learn something new from the team here at TESCO.

 The thoughts shared are my personal view which is no way related  to my employers . I am just sharing my learning and can not guarantee on the usefulness. So better you debug your thoughts and I will be happy if any of the contents here is of any use.

Thanks for spending your most valuable time here in my blog. Keep visiting for some new updates.


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