Day 3(23rd March) @ TECHED India 2012

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I reached earlier (no traffic due to UGADI) at the venue for Day3 and started roaming around with Sudeepta Ganguly (@skganguly) and met Vinod Kumar(@vinodk_sql) at the MTC glass room. After visiting the showcase area and checking some of the cool products and software we moved to the Kalinga for the Keynote session. The two best thing of the day was we met a gentleman and down to earth person Kaliyan.S (@kaliyans), the UG Lead of BITPro and took some photographs with him and second lots of SQL sessions. During the day I met ravikanth (@ravikanth), HarishV(@harishv), Aaron Skonnard (@skonnard) of Pluralsight. Meeting great people getting tips and tricks are the most important part of my experience at TECHED. Also I managed to receive an award for my tweets and blogs, thanks to all those who re-twitted my tweets :).

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and the experience of the day goes like this……….


By Chakrapani Gollapali, General Manager – Consumer Channels Group,Microsoft India

A speaker to watch for.. He gave us some statistics of Microsoft Technologies users across worldwide and he praised the rock star saying “you are inspiration for us”. He also focused on consumers, developers , partners and showed some "Innovations” at Microsoft.

Gerard Rego, Director Ecosystem and Developer Experience (EDX) – Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.

Gerard focused on the mobile technology and said “If you have an idea on technology, Nokia and Microsoft are ready to support you with the infrastructure and convert your ideas into reality”.

Peeling SQL Server like an Onion: Internals Debunked and Tools to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems

Memory is one of the key parameters for having a healthy SQL Server performance. Vinod Kumar(@vinodk_sql) gave away some of his books for correct answers before presenting the technical session. some of the key points during the sessions are

  • Recovery time is important and not your backup time.
  • Disk, Security, Checkpoint and memory are the key for SQL Server internals.
  • some of the concept like LSN, CLR, MPA, DWH, TS and the checkpoints were elaborated during the session.
  • Can we have more than 8K in the buffer tool? and the result of PI + NULL ….if you want to know tweet him.
  • In his second session Vinod told CPU, memory, storage and Network are key features for the Windows internals. We came to know about various technique to use the SysInternals tools like Logman, ETW, PAL, VMMap, ProcExp etc.

Speed Up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance

“More CPU More Performance” – do you think so??? you could have attended the session by Pinal Dave to know the aspects of the parallel process. He started with LOL session and introduced the Amdahl’s Law of Parallelism and proved that  if you use the CX_PACKET wait types, MAXDOP, parallelism threshold and various other concepts properly Parallelism will be achieved. Some of the key points were

  • Distribute, Repartition, Gather
  • Query hints
  • How a Thread0 manages the other threads in Parallelism
  • he finished with a quote “confused or convinced!!!”.

Two other great session on SQL were

Keeping Your Database Available – ‘AlwaysOn’

SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn technology by Balmukund Lakhani (@blakhani). He described

  • how to combine Failover Cluster Instances with Availability Groups to provide a complete HA and DR solution.
  • how to use Availability Groups Multiple Secondary to replace existing database mirroring
  • Readable Secondaries, backup on secondaries
  • He displayed real life examples by putting the pictures on low and high availability on his slides ( its better you ask him for the slides :))

Lesser Known Facts of SQL Server Backup and Restore

I am not a DBA, just an application developer/support guy who uses SQL, but no idea I enjoy the session by these SQL rock stars, may be its there way of presenting the topic.

Backup and restore are considered the most common tasks and most of the time the knowledge does not go beyond memorizing the syntax of backup and restore. "

Amit Banerjee (@banerjeeamit) uncovered all this hidden facts on SQL Server Backup and Restore and to more about this you may have to wait for SK’s blog on all these. He offered couple of books (Coauthor of SQL Server Backup Simulator) for correct answers and asked some questions like If I have 100 database files, will the default buffercount and maxtransfersize change?

But one of his slide he proved “GOBIG” putting some COLGATE moments with lightening white tooth 🙂

Using HTML5 to enhance your web applications today

This was a nice session by fritzonion(@fritzonion) of Pluralsight for HTML5 where he displayed the power of plugins without the plugin. Though I attended this session bit late but I will watch the video traning at Pluralsight as I got one subscription free from them.


Closing Note

It was all started with surprise Kolaveri dance by none other than Moorthy Uppaluri, General Manager, Academia, Microsoft Corporation and presenting “seize the opportunity”. He took the stage for the entire slot assgined to the closing note. “This one was the biggest ever techedin” said Moorthy. Data Scientist is a new profession and Social Computing is not far behind with IT democratization. He disstributed awards to the developers and the contest winners (I am one of them :)) and during all this time he was enjoying a lot and was allowing the audience to scream a lot. Hope we will meet you on the next TECHED2013 with the next trendy song of the next year 🙂 aage aage dekho hota hai kya

As Moorthy said that say hi to the person seating to your left and to your right, he does mean that go for “Strong Networking” in IT world.

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Some of theSpeaker’s at TECHED who influenced the audience

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For more speakers and videos TECHED Videos

And last but not the least hey I really enjoyed my time at the TECHED with Lohith from BDOTNET who also was a winner of the Tweet Award at TechEdIn. IMG_1436

Champions aren´t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.  ~Muhammed Ali


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